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Ramblings: The best of walking on Menorca

Spring has sprung on Menorca. With it, we have arrived at the perfect time of year to take advantage of the island’s bountiful opportunities for walking and rambling. With increasingly dry and bright, albeit windy, days on the horizon temperatures are comfortable without being oppressive to those on the move. Perfect for walking.

In fact, at this time of year, the only potential limitation for walkers may be for those planning multi-day walks. If you need to stay away from your holiday home,  accommodation can be restricted to holiday resorts before the season hits full swing.

Walking Choices

For such a diminutive island, you would be forgiven for thinking that walking options may be limited. Not so in Menorca with Coastal tracks that take you around the circumference of the island to hilltop views. From picturesque caves to the open beauty of the Natural Park, you can experience a world of walks on just one small island.

Stopped in Your Tracks

The original road pathways of the island are referred to as Camis. They traverse the island and now provide a great route for walkers who want to experience the best views and surroundings that Menorca has to offer.

Around the Outside

To navigate the coastline of Menorca, look no further than the Cami de Carvalls. Translated as The Path of Horses, this ancient series of paths are open to the public, but is undeniably an ‘off road’ experience!  The path covers a total of 185 miles broken down into 20 stages. A track that was originally established as a defence against invasion, the Cami de Cavalls is now devoid of conflict. Instead, it serves as a pathway of peace, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature.

Natural Wonder

Menorca was declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1993. Walking trails are established within the Natural Park and will lead you to everything from turtles to wild olive trees. This makes for a truly breathtaking walking environment. Menorca is known to be a more relaxed and natural island than its neighbour Mallorca, so for those seeking a truly rejuvenating experience, this is the natural choice.

Views Worth the Walk

Menorca is not a mountainous island. However, for those who seek to stomp uphill and enjoy the gratification of reaching the top, there are still options. San Agueda Castle no longer boasts the thirteenth-century fort itself. However, the area remains one of the island’s most popular walks with fantastic views at the summit. With a modest climb investment of around 45 minutes, you can enjoy the island from a new perspective.

Gorges and Cave

Head to the Binigaus Valley for a breathtaking culmination of your walking break. You don’t have to go on a sea caving excursion to enjoy sights such as Cova des Coloms when it can be accessed independently by a confident hiker. Otherwise known as the ‘Cathedral cave’, this natural wonder boasts heights of 24 metres.

What to Carry

As with any walking venture, hydration is key. Ensure that you are carrying plenty of water, even if temperatures appear to be cooler. Always protect your skin when walking, even on overcast days. If you want to be independent rather than join a guided walk, a good trail map will be a vital investment. Finally, since most walks either end with or include a spectacular beach, we’d advise adding swimwear to your vital walking equipment.

Whether on a hilltop, deep within a cave, or traversing a spectacularly clear and bright sandy beach, walking in Menorca is diverse beyond the expectations of such a small island. So, before the sun beats down too hard, we advise taking a Springtime advantage to explore this natural sanctuary on foot.