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furniture at a holiday home in menorca

Where the Heart is: Kitting out your Menorcan home

Creating a perfectly relaxed holiday home requires a delicate balance of decor and amenity. You want your space to feel homely and attractive. You want it to enjoy all of the benefits and shortcuts that you enjoy in your everyday life. However, you still desire that feeling of a burden lifted when you step over the threshold to enjoy a holiday period. So how do you achieve this balance of comfort, convenience and lightness of being?


When you conceive a decorative scheme for your property, perhaps you want to create a home from home and bring in elements of your everyday domestic space. More likely, though, you will seek something different, perhaps even the polar opposite.

There is a reason that many people choose minimalist designs, clean lines and moderate colour. This comes down to the state of mind that we seek when we enjoy a vacation; it is one of lightness and clarity. A subtle and modern design scheme can, therefore, aid the de-stressing process!

Home Comforts

Of course, though, you want your holiday home to feel like your own space. For this reason, choose your favourite family photographs to display in your Menorcan retreat. However, beware of bringing too many trinkets from your own home into your holiday home. These things should really be left behind. Why not enjoy the process of building and displaying new memories around your vacation property? Menorca boasts a vibrant artisan scene, so use the excuse to get shopping!


Modern comfort and convenience often come down to technology.  Obviously, you’re not going to pack your television or DAB radio for each trip; these are things with which you will furnish your new holiday home. However, think about ongoing technical use. For example, make sure that you leave charging cables at your property for your phone, your laptop and your e-reader. If you don’t need to remember to pack these minor things for each visit, you will enjoy less need for tick box packing lists!


For many of us, a holiday is made by stretching out in the sunshine with a good book. But when you own your own holiday home, why clutter your baggage on each journey with tomes of literature. Some choose an e-reader as their solution, but it’s not for everyone. Why not establish a library within your Menorcan home? Make a list of all of those titles that you’ve never had a chance to read and populate your home with them. This not only lightens your baggage but can also open the door to new titles.


Avoid clutter in your holiday home! A vacation is a time to de-stress and unwind. It is hard to do this in an environment full of unnecessary bits and pieces that you’ve left behind from your last trip. So be ruthless at the end of each visit and discard magazines, newspapers, bits and pieces that are unnecessary. You’ll feel the benefit when you return.


Maintain a basic wardrobe in your property. One of the benefits of owning a holiday home in Menorca is that you can enjoy the island all year round. This can, however, mean dealing with some wilder weather. Ensuring that you keep bulky items such as woollens and waterproofs in situ will mean that you’ll always be prepared whatever the weather.


Keeping your property fully equipped for your culinary ambitions is clearly a benefit. If you come across a gadget at home that revolutionised your kitchen, buy two and install one in your Menorcan property. If it makes a difference at home, it is likely to on holiday too.

In the spirit of achieving holiday peace, it is worthwhile to make arrangements for your property to be cleaned and refreshed before each arrival. Your provisions can be checked and shutters opened. So once you are fully equipped in your Menorcan home, your transition to holiday tranquillity becomes effortless since you will never need to book luggage into the hold again!