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ciutadella port on sunny day, menorca

Winter Wonders: Enjoying Menorca all year round

February is the last Winter month of the meteorological calendar; the cold maintains its grip on the landscape and those seeking a holiday can often seek still chillier climes as ski season is in full swing. But why discount those destinations normally reserved for the long-awaited Summer holiday? When looking to invest in a holiday property, Menorca is a destination which can be enjoyed all year round. and we’re not just saying that because we are an estate agent in Menorca!

Holiday Homes

While the hotel industry outside of Mahon takes a well-earned rest between November and March, those who have invested in a holiday home will find the island at their beck and call. The fabulous benefit of a holiday home available to you all year round is that in low season you have the flexibility to travel when you wish and always know that a comfortable destination awaits.

Under the Weather

This is the big question. While Menorca can’t rival the likes of the more southerly positioned Tenerife for consistent warm temperatures, it rarely drops below around 12 degrees, which for a northern European in February is positively balmy. Winds from the north are common and can mean that weather changes radically over the course of a single day, so being prepared is a must!

A Different Vibe

If you’re planning an active winter break rather than a simple getaway, the Autumn and Winter are ideal times to explore the towns of Menorca. With Summer heat out of the equation, town visits become less stifling and you can take in the picturesque buildings and plazas of the likes of Ciutadella Old Town without crowds spoiling the view!

Step Into the Past

Menorca enjoys a rich history; something that is often overlooked by Summer visitors. When you spend time in your holiday home over the Winter, why not explore some of the island’s museums or take a walk to the preserved Iron Age Talaiotic village. While temperatures are indeed cooler over Winter, on average days are as likely to be dry as wet, so museums indoors and out are equally desirable destinations.

Coastal Delight

You don’t have to be sweltering under a blistering sun to enjoy one of Menorca’s stunning beaches. Especially if your party includes young children, the chance to explore the coast without worrying about sunstroke can actually be a benefit. In addition to the beaches themselves, take a trip to the nature reserve to the North of the island. The S’Albufera des Grau offers an opportunity to see wildlife, nature and its own protected beach.

Getting Away From It All

If your out of season visit to Menorca is simply about getting away from it all and enjoying your home away from home, you can take the chance to experience the island at its most peaceful. With the ‘Path of Horses’ trail running the entire circumference of the island, you can take a walk or a bike ride to make the most of the meditative peace of this beautiful island out of season.

In the Right Direction

For those who wouldn’t ordinarily choose a hire car, during the Winter season it is advisable to do so, since the activities that may normally be within walking distance may be on a seasonal hiatus. Due to the lack of crowds, the island is your oyster so by car you can venture further than you would tend to during the high season. Weekly flights from Gatwick through low season mean that you can get from the UK to your holiday home without too much compromise, or indeed cost.

While a Winter visit to Menorca cannot claim to be the ideal choice for a sun-seeker, what it does offer is so much more. When you choose to invest in a holiday home in Menorca, you actually gain a multitude of destinations as this island changes its face with the season. All you need to do is to enjoy it!