Selling your house involves a lot more than just having it listed. You are selling an asset and a lifestyle to potential buyers, and the only way they have to envision themselves living there is by walking through it!

As a seller you usually have control over how you want the property shown, but let us give you an insiders’ perspective on what access is and its impact on how quickly your home sells.


 “Access” simply means how easy or difficult it is for potential buyers to see your home.

While some of this is dictated by logistic concerns (i.e. if you live there or not, if you run a business from your home or not, or if you have a tenant or not etc.), “access” also hinges on your approach to the sale, what you discuss with your real estate agency, and what you’re ultimately comfortable with.

As agents we always try to find solutions to some of these barriers, like arranging a schedule with the tenants or preparing the property before viewings.


It might happen that agents, while out with clients, get them to mention their interest in a house, and being able to spontaneously add a viewing can result in an unexpected sale.

For some buyers, this flexibility can highlight the difference between the property being viewed (and potentially sold) and not being viewed at all.

Providing maximum access to your home, letting agents easily into, and showing it to their clients with minimal hassle, is the quickest and most effective way to get exposure.


The easier you make your property to show, the more viewings you are likely to have. The more viewings you have, the better your chances are to get a market-related price for your home.

Houses that are not shown take longer to sell and can become over-exposed. This means that you, as a seller, will often have to drop the price to get a sale.

Keeping your house always ready to show might be difficult, especially for busy families with children and/or pets, but if your property isn’t getting offers and you truly want to sell, you need to be welcoming and flexible when it comes to granting access for viewings.


Sellers and agents should have a concrete strategy for viewings. While homeowners need to be as flexible as possible to show their house, serious agents know that some last minute scrambles aren’t always worth it.

Moreover, although maximum access results in better chances of a successful sale, you still need to take precautions to maintain the security of your property, for example, making sure access is limited to licensed agents and their clients, and by making sure the property is secured between viewings.

This is why, as Real Estate agents, we always talk through and work with our clients to carefully balance and discuss access needs, in order to arrange a schedule that’s convenient both for the sellers and potential buyers.

If you’re ready to get your Menorcan house on the market or if it is already but you’d like to increase your chances to sell it, contact us!